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In the daily business practice I often notice that more is being acted on requirements than on prioritized value. This means change “requirements driven” in stead of “value driven”. You ask for something and it is delivered without asking why you really need it. Acting this way you shoot in all different directions and you can wonder if there is a plan? A vision?

That is why you have to “start with why!”. You find out who your stakeholders are, ask what they want and why. Conversely, they approach you with urgent requirements and wishes. …

As long as you agree!

MVP Validated Learning Loop
MVP Validated Learning Loop
MVP Validated Learning Loop

Working with the idea of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first is growing more and more popular worldwide. But what does it mean to create a MVP? What is Minimum? What is Viable, and for whom? What’s the difference compared to building a prototype, a Proof of Concept (PoC) or delivering a Minimum Marketable Feature Set (MMFS)? And what about a Mock up or the Minimum Useable SubseT (MUST)?

A lot of questions on a couple of new (confusing?) terms. Let me start with the definition of a MVP, which is "a version of the final product which allows…

Agile coaching has several facets. The Agile coach helps the organization and teams to a higher “performance level”. In other words, work more efficiently and effectively with better results!

In many organizations, the Scrum Masters are the Agile coaches, but not everywhere Scrum is used as an Agile framework. There are many hybrid situations in practice. For example with Agile project management, Less, SAFe or DevOps, where both Scrum Masters and Agile coaches walk around. And then the question arises, what’s the difference? What exactly does the Agile (DevOps) coach do? And how do you become a good Agile coach?

The difference between the Agile Coach and the Scrum Master.

Good question! Mindset is the thinking and behavioral pattern of a person or group. Mindset, thinking and doing, is strongly determined by your character, your upbringing and by the present culture; "That’s how we do things around here". Your observable behavior stems from your mindset and the consequences that follow from your behavior. The difference between saying yes or no to something. By working with consequences, we can change behavior and therefore the mindset, and in the long term we are able to change the culture.

In organizations where the Agile way of working is chosen, we want to create…

What is the difference between Scrum and Agile? Can I combine Agile with PRINCE2? But isn’t that Lean you’re talking about now? What about the Spotify way of working and DevOps? And what is Kanban or eXtreme Programming? As a large organization, do you have to implement SAFe? Is Agile only applicable in IT?

These are all questions we hear a lot at the start of our training courses or from organizations that are looking for the right training and Agile certification for their employees.

It is time for the next step in maturity of the Agile way of working…

If you are an Agile Coach yourself, it may seem strange to others if you claim that you are of great added value to the organization. What kind of shameless self-promotion is that? On the other hand, if you are not convinced yourself, what kind of “BS job” do you have? Often I get questions from other coaches; how do you make your added value transparent? How do you measure that?

Net Promoter Score

The simplest way to demonstrate your added value, is to ask the people you coach for a rating, a grade. You can, for example, use the Net Promoter Score…

Why do we measure progress and velocity? Don’t you trust us? Do you want to check us or compare us with other teams? Unfortunately these are questions I hear often as an Agile trainer and coach. “We measure to improve” is always my answer. You do it for yourself to see where things are going better and where things can be done better. You can substantiate statements such as “I think it is fine” and “it feels better” with data and facts.
Why then the resistance to measuring?

Usually this is part of the culture of the organization. If you…

Lean — Agile way of work.

What works well? What is wisdom? Which level of support is wanted? In what way do you recognize a good coach? Show me the way!

The T-Profile.

Overal hoor je het: agile, scrum, kanban, lean. Iedereen lijkt ermee bezig te zijn. Staan we aan de vooravond van een disruptieve digitalisatie of is het oude wijn in nieuwe zakken? We moeten wel meedoen want iedereen doet het. Toch? Maar levert het toegevoegde waarde voor de organisatie en voor de klanten op? In dit artikel kort en simpel wat er speelt, wat je hebt aan leanagile werken en hoe je dit beheerst.

Tekst: Richard Hoedeman, Beeld: Adobe Stock, Origineel: Audit Magazine, nr. 2, 2018

Lean is een terminologie en een manier van werken waar sommige organisaties jaren geleden al…

Wat is het verschil tussen Scrum en Agile? Kan ik Agile combineren met PRINCE2? Maar dat is toch Lean waar je het nu over hebt? Hoe zit dat eigenlijk met het Spotify model en DevOps? En wat is dan Kanban of eXtreme Programming? Moet je als grote organisatie SAFe implementeren? Is Agile alleen in IT toepasbaar?

Allemaal vragen die we veel te horen krijgen bij aanvang van onze trainingen of vanuit organisaties die op zoek zijn naar de juiste training en Agile certificering voor de medewerkers.

Het is tijd voor de volgende stap in volwassenheid van de Agile manier van…

Richard Hoedeman

Accredited trainer / coach for Lean-IT, DevOps, PRINCE2, Agile PM, PRINCE2 Agile, OBM en Scrum.

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