A Lean Agile coach has a W-profile.

What works well? What is wisdom? Which level of support is wanted? In what way do you recognize a good coach? Show me the way!

The T-Profile.

Maybe you know of the T-Shaped or T-Profile that is used in multidisciplinary teams? The letter T to show that it is not only about the individual (I) with his or her specific expertise, but team players (T) is what we want. Team members that grow in breadth of knowledge next to their individual expertise and who like to share this with each other.

Agile coaches and Scrum masters help team members discover which T-profiles exist. To then connect the knowledge and skills of the people to work as a team towards a common goal. This benefits the cooperation. You know better what you can expect and learn from each other. In some organizations one even speaks of a Π-profile (Pi) as an alternative to T, with which you have 2 expertises. Or even an M-profile with 3 expertises.

The W-profile.

We would like to see a W-profile for the Lean Agile coach. In contrast to an M, the letter W better indicates that it is about support. That support is split in 3 focus areas:

1. The context — the environment and the preconditions.
This includes terms such as facilitating, budgeting, organizing and autonomy.
What we need here is leadership and energy.

2. The content — deliver value.
This includes prioritizing, selecting, realizing benefits and purpose.
What we need here is vision and agility.

3. The execution — work together, cooperate.
This includes terms such as communicating, being creative, continuously improving and mastery.
What we need here is craftsmanship and quality.

In the 3 different areas of focus, the agile coach works together with other roles.

  • In the execution together with the Scrum Masters / Team leaders and the team.
  • When it comes to content especially with the Product Owners, Business Analysts, Ambassadors, Business Owners, Epic Owners and Portfolio managers.
  • The context is mainly about collaboration with facilitating Managers, Sponsors, Program and Project Managers, Release Managers and Process Managers.

The cooperation means supporting and looking for improvements from a coaching perspective. Together with the different roles we measure, review, perform retrospectives, do assessments, etcetera.
Without measuring, no improvement!

The actions and interventions that arise from the measurements are supported by the coach from his or her expertise, knowledge and experiences. This can be done in workshops, training, conversations, exercises and other interventions. A good Lean Agile coach knows the theories and frameworks, the organization where is coached and is especially aware of his or her own strength and presence.


A Lean Agile coach works from the W-Profile. The W profile of the coach further develops from data, information, knowledge and wisdom in 3 different areas of interest. The coach grows in his profession by listening carefully, by measuring and feeling what is needed, ánd by sharing this with other coaches and learning from each other. This results in good support for the organization. Together knowing the way of work!

This story can be read in Dutch on: https://www.ctrl-improve.nl/een-lean-agile-coach-heeft-een-w-profiel/ or LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/een-lean-agile-coach-heeft-w-profiel-richard-hoedeman/



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Richard Hoedeman

Richard Hoedeman

Accredited trainer / coach for Lean-IT, DevOps, PRINCE2, Agile PM, PRINCE2 Agile, OBM en Scrum.