• Christiaan Verwijs

    Christiaan Verwijs

    I liberate teams & organizations from de-humanizing, ineffective ways of organizing work. Passionate developer, organizational psychologist, and Scrum Master.

  • Ben


  • Todd Lankford

    Todd Lankford

    I help organizations simplify their Agile journey by building cultures to emerge better products. https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-lankford-agile-coach/

  • Pramod More

    Pramod More

    An enthusiastic manufacturing domain professional having an experience in driving change and enabling business through people analytics and believing in team wo

  • Prakash Kothanda Raman

    Prakash Kothanda Raman

    Keen agilist/knowledge seeker /40+ league / Programmer

  • Gleb Levin

    Gleb Levin

  • María Rubiera

    María Rubiera

  • Vito Abrusci

    Vito Abrusci

    Manager and Coach | Technology and Information Officer | Project Management, Team Leadership & Product Development on IT Projects | https://www.vitoabrusci.net

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