What is meant by “the Agile Mindset” in organizations?

Good question! Mindset is the thinking and behavioral pattern of a person or group. Mindset, thinking and doing, is strongly determined by your character, your upbringing and by the present culture; "That’s how we do things around here". Your observable behavior stems from your mindset and the consequences that follow from your behavior. The difference between saying yes or no to something. By working with consequences, we can change behavior and therefore the mindset, and in the long term we are able to change the culture.

  • conducting an experiment and sharing its successes or failures is openness and entrepreneurship
  • processing the customer’s response and responding with a solution is feedback
  • making adjustments to the process based on a retrospective is flexibility
  • measuring customer satisfaction and increasing it is transparency, feedback and flexibility
  • delivering a product faster with only the important and necessary features is flexibility

Accredited trainer / coach for Lean-IT, DevOps, PRINCE2, Agile PM, PRINCE2 Agile, OBM en Scrum.

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